Cheap Trampolines For Sale

Welcome to UKTrampolines. This is a mini site run by us at Madfun to let you know about the excellent fun we have on our main website at

You maybe looking for cheap trampolines or Trampolines for Sale but either way, we have the same high quality trampolines found elsewhere with down to earth friendly advise.

Last year, the best selling trampoline was the Jumpking OvalPod that has been desgined especially for the UK market. This superb trampoline has an Oval shape which means it fits even better into gardens than standard round trampolines. With its intergrated safety net enclosure and huge jumping area, this trampoline is set to be a Best Seller again in 2009.

Cheap Trampolines are very popular all year around but come summer are incredible fun for both children and adults. Within you will find a vast range of trampolines all available from Madfun. Prices range from £179 for the smallest circular trampoline.

These include the very popular Jumpking Trampolines with the Oval being their most popular model. Each Jumpking Trampoline comes with a safety enclose which means it is almost impossible to fall off a trampoline and cause injury so peace of mind for parents.

If you have ever been on a trampoline or seen someone on a trampoline you will know what great fun they are, and the extreme laughing they cause. The feeling of being thrown into the air and down again is very indictable with many games to be played when friends get together.

You are actually weightless for a single second before coming back down again causing your body to feel the force of 3G’s which has a feel good factor.

Trampolines for sale both on and offline are well known for the physical factor and a great source of exercise and getting fit for all ages. It takes a little getting used to so not to fall over but your sense of balance soon compensates. Jumping on trampolines also helps increase your special awareness, coordination, lung capacity, posture and self confidence so an incredible piece of equipment.

There are so many different sizes of trampolines with round trampolines being the most popular. Sizes include the 10ft trampoline as well as, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft sizes with makes from Jumpking, Supertramp and Gold Premier. Additional accessories can be purchased such as safety nets if your trampoline does not come with one, as well as a small ladder for easy access and exit as they can be quite high for children as well as a storage area for shoes.

All the Jumpking JumpPOD Trampolines seen here can be found on