Trampoline Safety Net

A trampoline safety net, also called an enclosure is a very good idea if you are concerned with your children, their friends or even yourself and other adults from falling off of your trampoline. Many manufactures of trampolines enable you to buy a trampoline safety net after you have already purchased your trampoline, as they simply attach to the current frame or into their own slots as with Jumpking Trampolines.


Even with many children being used to jumping on a trampoline, it can still be very easy to fall off if there are more than one person on the jump mat, as loosing your balance is part of life.


A trampoline safety net has a part which divides enabling you to get on and off the trampoline and has been designed so the net itself does not hang over the jumping area so you will not get caught up in it.


There are many sizes of trampolines, so when you look into purchasing a trampoline safety net, make sure you purchase one for the correct size of trampoline in your garden. Even if you find cheap trampolines, they can usually accomodate a safety enclosure.