Trampoline Enclosures


Trampoline enclosures enable children or adults to use a trampoline without the risk of falling off the trampoline and causing injury. They are found on many outdoor trampolines such as Jumpking and Supertramp and either tie onto particular parts of the frame or via the specialised sections designed for the trampoline enclosure to slot into.


Trampoline enclosures give access to and from the trampoline by using a section which parts but does not leave parts of the safety net hanging over onto the jumppad and tangling up with feet or shoes, although trampolining is best with bare feet or in socks but be careful regarding falling over.


As well as trampoline enclosures, you can buy other accessories for your trampoline including a trampoline ladder to access the trampoline if it is to high for small children, a protective cover to stop animals, rain, snow onto the jumppad or springs to stop rusting or just to show that the trampoline is out of bounds.


There are many types of trampoline which come with enclosures included such as Jumpking trampolines. The safety enclosure gives parents the peace of mind that their children are having incredible fun but also safe in their back garden away from traffic and that they are not risking falling off and hurting themselves.


Make sure when looking at trampoline enclosures, you purchase one for the particular make of trampoline and also the correct size.