Trampoline Enclosure

Although many trampolines do not come with a trampoline enclosure, it is still beneficial to fit one if your trampoline is in use quite a bit. Even though children become very skilled and jumping, landing and playing all sorts of trampoline games very quickly, it is very easy to fall off causing possible injury from minor grazes to much worse.


On most trampolines, the trampoline enclosure simply connects to the frame with the netting hanging down with a particular part which opens for entry and exit off of the trampoline. The netting itself can be easily encroached to stop it hanging over the jumping pad. This gives parents the peace of mind that their children are playing safe and that they will not get caught up in the netting whilst jumping.

As there are several different sizes of trampoline, you can get a trampoline enclosure which is designed for the specific size of your trampoline frame.


Alternatively, you can purchase many trampolines such as a Jumpking Trampoline that come with a safety net enclosure as standard. Others include other accessories including trampoline covers, ladders and shoe racks.