Trampoline Covers

You can use this page if you are looking for trampoline covers or any other kind of accessory for your trampoline.


It doesn’t matter what size or type of trampoline you have chosen for your garden, protecting it from animals, dirt and the weather is very important both for safety and to provide a long life for your trampoline. Even though the manufacturers of trampolines be it round or rectangular have gone to great lengths to provide high quality parts such as the frame, springs and jump pad they are still vulnerable to rust.


If rust starts to form on the springs, it can interfere with the workability and performance of the height your trampoline will let you jump. Using a trampoline cover will stop rain from getting onto the metal so rust does not form.


Other things to keep off trampolines include animals, leaves, dirt and twigs. These can scratch or tear the jump pad over time which will limit the life of your trampoline and also be dangerous in the future if the tear causes your feet to become caught in them.

Using a trampoline cover will help in stopping all these aspects and also show children when the trampoline is out of use if as parents, you do not wish them to go out and play on it. If your garden is small or your finances are stretched, a great idea for the summer could be a 6ft trampoline.