Trampoline Cover

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No matter what type of trampoline you are looking to purchase of have purchased, they all benefit from protection with a trampoline cover. The design of a trampoline is usually high quality with the frame, bounce map and springs but all parts of a trampoline are prone to wear and tear but most important of all, are still vulnerable to the rain, wind, snow. The water in this weather can cause the springs to rust over time which apart from causing a spring to work inefficiently if this occurs, damaged metal can cause injury if someone was to fall onto these trampoline springs and cut themselves.


Trampolines that have a cover stop water getting to the springs or at least minimise this so slowing down the rusting. As well as water on trampoline springs, this water can cause the jump pad to become slippery so very dangerous to use if wet. If a trampoline cover is used, then the pad can be kept dry in wet weather so removable when the rain stops. Slipping over on a wet jump pad can cause injury even with shoes on that have trainers.


A trampoline cover helps keep dirt, twigs and animals off the jump pad. Animals and their claws could cause tears in the material used to jump on which could expand rapidly. A new jump pad could be quite costly so a trampoline cover is highly recommended.

A trampoline cover is usually made from a nylon material with ties around the edge to hold it down so the wind does not blow it away.

They are a simple way to tell children the trampoline is not to be used.


As well as a trampoline enclosure, you can also purchase a trampoline enclosure if your trampoline does not come with one as standard. These enable fun without the risk of falling off the trampoline and causing injury.