Trampoline Accessories


There are many trampoline accessories that can be purchased for your trampoline for safety and fun. The most popular is a safety net enclosure which prevents, or at least makes it almost impossible to fall of a trampoline. Most net enclosures either tie onto the frame or slot into the specially designed holes as found on Jumpking trampolines.


Trampoline accessories also include items such as a trampoline cover. This prevents dirt, rain, snow and animals such as birds or even the family cat from getting onto the trampoline when it is not in use. Even a small tear from animal’s claws can soon turn into a much larger tear so a trampoline cover is a worthwhile investment.


Depending on age and height, a trampoline ladder is useful to in Madfun’s range of trampoline accessories as some trampolines are quite high off the ground and can be awkward to get onto, especially if you are looking to keep your dignity.


For safety, you can buy trampoline enclosures which prevent children from falling off your trampoline. The net itself does not lay on the jumppad as it ties nicely to the frame or via the attached safety enclosure slots.


One of the most fun trampoline accessories you can buy an attachable basket ball net which lets you play basketball while Jumpking. This includes a basketball and net so all you need to get going with the extra fun this gives.