Mini Trampoline

As many of us look to getting fit, a mini trampoline have become extremely popular for use within the home whereas full sized trampolines are for the garden. Mini trampolines can be used in any room of the house as long as you make sure you do not bang your head on the ceiling.


Exercise wise, they can be used to burn a great amount of calories while jumping on them without risking injury. You do have to make sure that the feet of these mini trampolines do not damage your carpet or floor as they take the full weight of an adult or children.


For fitness they are great as the impact on the knees is much less than running or other repetitive exercise. They can cost anything from £20 to over £100 depending on the make or quality. The cardiovascular exercise you get from these indoor mini trampolines means you can watch TV in your front room whilst exercising at the same time and much more interesting that a exercise bike.

Injuries can occur with mini trampolines and usually consist of someone falling off the trampoline so make sure there are no obstacles nearby before you start bouncing. The injury from Jumpking and then falling off mini trampolines won’t usually be as bad as a outdoor trampoline but can still be very painful such as a sprained ankle so please be very careful.


Once the mini trampoline has been used for several months, make sure there are no threads which look like they may cause the trampoline to break. Also be aware that feet can easily slip through the springs so make sure you get used to jumping before taking things up a step. You can buy a trampoline cover to protect it from rain, wind, animals and to stop children using it when you do not want them to.


If children are on one of these trampolines, please make sure an adult is nearby for safety reasons