Garden Trampolines

Throughout the summer many people look for Garden Trampolines. The most popular model from all garden trampolines is the 15ft Jumpking OvalPOD available at our main site by selecting the image to your right


As with many garden trampolines, the Jumpking OvalPOD comes with a superb safety enclosure as standard and the unique oval design whereas most other trampolines are circular in shape. This means this garden trampoline fits in gardens which are not your standard shape but also has a great length so feels much much bigger than a Jumpking round trampoline.


Garden trampolines are an ideal way to keep the kids occupied throughout the summer as well as the autumn and possibly winter months weather depending. The thrill of being thrown up into the air with little effort, to come back down and then up again is fantastic. If you have never been on a trampoline then you will be in for a great surprise and we dare you to try not to laugh as you bounce up and down or have the children show you up as you loose your balance but in a great fun way. Whatever model you choose when looking at garden trampolines, have fun.


If you are looking for smaller trampolines such as a 8ft or 10ft trampolines then click here to see our full range of trampolines.