Cheap Trampolines

If you are looking for cheap trampolines then we have a large range of trampolines at Madfun. Our recent additions includes the 8ft Skyhigh trampoline which is ideal if your garden is quite small or you are on a budget due to the recent credit crunch.

Cheap trampolines are till the same high quality you find in larger trampolines such as the Jumpking OvalPod which was the most popular trampoline throughout 2008 and set to be the same in 2009. Cheap trampolines still come with the same quality designs, parts and guarantee’s you find on more expensive trampolines.


The design of these trampolines has been well thought out so that assembling them is very easy as they require no tools or welding. The T bar system for example which is found on a Skyhigh models means the parts simply slot together giving a very high quality and strong frame for your children to play on, with the models passing all varieties of international safety standards.


This 8ft trampoline not only looks good and blends into the garden surroundings with it's subtle green colour, but it is also easy to assemble with no tools required and has a no weld T bar system. The Skyhigh range exceeds GS/TUV safety standards.

This high performance trampoline is a very high spec for an incredibly low price which has 60 springs for the best bounce in it's class. If you are looking for an excellent quality compact trampoline to fit in your garden then this is the one for you


For a range of cheap garden trampolines, simple click the image to your right to see our range.