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Trampolines within a Queensland Competition

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

This is an article regarding how trampolines have been a great influence in the international champtionships. Trampolines throughout the world are used every day for competition and for fun.

It’s mid-summer but young daredevil freestyle skier Alec Savery (below right) is still fine-tuning his backflips at Queenstown’s Events Centre.

The groups scored each tramp – worth $30,000 – for just $20,000 after they were used in the Indo Pacific Trampolining Champion­ships in Rotorua in October.

The 13-year-old is testing out one of two trampolines recently bought jointly by the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team and Queenstown Gymnastic Club.

Gymnastic club chair Kathleen O’Sullivan says the tramps will be used jointly by QAST for ski training and by the new trampolines club for all ages focusing on technical moves.

The Southern Trust granted each club $10,000 to fund the purchase, with the remainder paid for out of club coffers.

“It’s a safety thing … and American coaches here were keen to do the same.”

The new gear will replace a second-hand trampoline the sports groups used this year.

O’Sullivan hopes to launch the new venture – affiliated with Trampolining New Zealand – in February.

“I’ve seen a lot of kids overseas doing ski training on trampolines,” says O’Sullivan, whose children are freestyle skiers.

“A lot of their grabs and their moves, they couldn’t do on the skifield until they’d done them on the trampoline.

But first, both clubs need to raise $20,000 for safety mats to comply with Federation International of Gymnastics standards.

O’Sullivan is searching for coaches and people with trampolining experience

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