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Trampolines Trashed By High Winds

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

The middle of December and high winds have caused havoc to many trampolines within Scotland as well as the north of the UK. We were flying into Aberdeen when the winds had already started to increase with the pilot mentioning it will be rocky and his main priority was to get us there safety. Being someone who doesn’t like flying, that did give a sense of *gulp* to me.

Landing in Aberdeen, the plane was swaying all over the place from side to side with the plane being pushed all over the place. Once we landed, we noticed the WindSock was pointing directly in one direction, completely vertical. Looking at the papers the next day and news online showed High Winds have given trampolines havoc, with many trampoline frames being buckled and trampolines through all over peoples gardens. The weight of a large trampoline is quite high so for them to be moved and buckled shows the winds were extreamly strong that evening. Looks like many familes will be looking to invest in a new trampoline for this summer such as a 10ft trampoline.

10ft Trampoline

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

With many people feeling the effect of the credit crunch, or just do not have large enough gardens then a 10ft trampoline is an ideal size. It is still worth looking at other sizes of trampoline or even an Oval trampoline which can fit in more oblong gardens. If your kids have not been on a trampoline before, then a 10ft trampoline can be a great size for them to start with a added safety enclosure, they can have excellent fun while being safe from falling off the edge.

At Madfun we have several 10ft trampolines from Jumpking and Gold Premier with and without safety enclosures. If you are looking for a trampoline which will give good access to learning gymnastics, then a much larger size will be required or a rectangular trampoline which you find used within gymnastics.

A 10ft trampoline is always built with safety in mind, excellent build quality and a long life. It is still important though to limit the bouncing to one person at a time as the area on a 10ft trampoline is limited, clashing together is easy and someone may get hurt.

Within the summer months, a 10ft trampoline can be an excellent way to get the children out in the fresh air, have fun, laughter and still in the safety of their back garden.