Exercise on a 10ft Trampoline

Many people spend week in week out going to a bog standard aerobics class, even during the summer months. However, people are starting to learn how beneficial exercise on trampolines is becoming. It does not need to be just the kids in the garden, bouncing up and down to their hearts content

Us middle aged parents can still find the beneficial aspects of a 10ft trampoline for example. There is still many techniques to flying up into the air and back down again, whilst learning to control your balance but the benefits are outstanding, and its great fun to learn.

You can also have a good workout on a mini trampoline in your front room. They work in exactly the same way, they just are much smaller. Bouncing on trampolines give a all over body workout and you will noticing the muscles in your legs start to tone up almost immediately. Adding to this, your arms will become toned to a degree and grow stronger as they are used to assist you in balance.

Exercise on a trampoline provides much less stress on your joints, especially your knees whereas running for example can give much more pressure on them. NASA have said many times that bouncing on a trampoline is the best exercise you can get, which is one reason they are used to train people for space flight. Either way, people are opening their mind to exercise on a trampoline so make sure you get out in that garden this summer and give it a go.

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