Outdoor Trampolines

Most of the trampolines you buy are outdoor trampolines, be it a small 8ft trampoline to a extremely large 16ft trampoline. Outdoor trampolines have been designed over the years to withstand pretty harsh UK weather be it rain, wind or snow but no outdoor item will last forever but they will last a good few years before you will need to look into buying a new one.

Outdoor trampolines can come as just the trampoline on its own or with several different accessories. The most important one is a trampoline cover which is actually pretty essential for any trampoline that will be kept in the garden. This is due to the parts of the trampoline itself being prone to rusting such as a the springs, the bouncemat can become very slipper if wet or such things like wildlife getting on the bouncemat and even making a little tear, can sooner or later become a much bigger rip which can severally damage the trampoline and be dangerous to if someone was to jump on it and trip. Even falling on a trampoline at a awkward angle after bouncing up into the air could easily sprain an ankle or worse case, break a arm or leg. Therefore a trampoline cover for any type of outdoor trampoline is essential. Many trampolines do come with covers and many of the ones we sell on our Madfun site so do, so please look at the description to make sure although they can be purchased separately.

Other accessories for outdoor trampolines are more simple items such as a step ladder which can be used to get on and off the trampoline. Getting onto it is much easier but you may find just a small jump off the trampoline is all you need but depending on age, this may not be viable. If you have youngsters and say a trampoline which is 14ft in width then this is a scenario where a trampoline ladder would be ideal as many outdoor trampolines can be quite a few inches off the ground so not easy to climb onto for say children under 5.

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