6ft Trampoline

A 6ft trampoline fits very well is smaller gardens, and great for children who have not been on a trampoline before. Most come with a safety enclosure net as it can be easy to fall off a trampoline if your children have not been on one before.


As many families do not always have a large amount of money for Christmas of Birthday presents, a full sized round trampoline maybe not ideal for your garden. A 6ft trampoline or even a 8ft trampoline will be ideal for your garden and finances.


A safety enclosure comes as standard as well as a ladder with the Skyhigh range of trampolines. These are still very high quality trampolines, using the same designs as their larger cousins. They have 60 springs in their structure so excellent quality for your back garden and ideal fun for children throughout the summer or just on days when it is not raining. They even have a mild green colour so fit well with surrounding trees and bushes.


To assemble a Skyhigh 6ft trampoline is very easy and no tools are required as their design incorporates a no weld T bar system. They comply and pass the GS/TUB safety standards so you can have piece of mind your children are playing on a very safe and fun 6ft trampoline. If you think a large trampoline would be better then the next size up is a 8ft trampoline which can be purchased from Madfun.