14ft Trampoline

This is an example of a very popular 14ft Trampoline from our sister site Madfun


Jumpking JumpPOD Deluxe Round 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure

The Jumpking JumpPOD Trampoline is considered the representative of next generation Trampoline because of its original two products of trampoline that enclosed in one unit. 
Most of the parents reckon safety as their top priority and this trampoline is definitely best for all these parents who want a safe and sound trampoline for their children. It is quite easy to assemble and completes just in one unit. 

Some specs of the Jumpking 14ft Trampoline JumpPOD

It has 14' / 4.3m diameter, 45mm high strength galvanized steel frame with 4 “W” shaped legs, Tri-layer socket joint system, 36” height, 12ft heavy duty bed with polypropylene permatron jumping surface, 330mm wide and 25mm deep padding, 140-159 kg weight limit , 80 springs of 7” and 10 years frame and 5 years on bed and springs warranty.


 Uniqueness of the Jumpking JumpPOD Deluxe Round 14ft Trampoline

The Jumpking Jump POD is, no doubt, one of the most exciting trampoline innovations of today with its Tri-layer Socket and other remarkable features. It is backed by the Jumpking name that is considered the biggest 14ft trampoline manufacturer in the world.  It has many advantages to other traditional trampolines as it’s quite easy to build, it has single box storage. For safety, it uses stitch-in system, fully fastened entry and exit door for max. security and complete peace of mind for the parents. If you are looking for a smaller version then a mini trampoline maybe an option especially for indoors.