10ft Trampolines

At Madfun we have some superb 10ft trampolines if you are after a trampoline which fits nicely in your garden but does not take up a huge area. Ideal for medium sized gardens and still the same huge amount of fun as larger trampolines such as the OvalPod which is 15ft in length.


A good example of our 10ft trampolines is the Jumpking 10ft Popular Round trampoline which also comes in sizes of 14ft, 12ft, 10ft and 8ft. This is 10ft trampoline with a great affordable price with the same high quality design using the Jumpking “Tri-Layer” joint system.

As with other 10ft trampolines, this does not come with a safety enclosure as they are not as high off the ground as larger trampolines so falling off is not as dangerous. It is still advisable to put any 10ft trampolines on grass and not concrete and to keep away from bushes and tree’s.


You can also buy covers for a 10ft trampoline to stop animals, the weather and dirt from getting on the springs and jumppad and causing rust of tears.


If you do not wish to buy a round trampoline, you maybe interested in a rectangular trampoline which are usually large but more suited for training.